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Simply fill out the form below and tell me about your job. That’s all there is to it. See my “Terms of Service” on the right for more information.

If you have a job with a specific budget in mind, please submit it here.

(* Indicates a required field)

Other Services Explained

  1. BulletDigital Processing: The conversion of the RAW digital data into your choice of RGB or CMYK. Also includes minor spotting and dust removal.

  2. BulletOutlining: Creating a clipping path around the product so it “floats” above any background when placed into a page layout program.

  3. BulletRetouching: Changing specific items in the photo with your direction. For example, changing the color of one product into various other colors so the product only has to be photographed one time.

  4. BulletSpecial Effects: Combining multiple photographs into one composite photo. See our EFX page for samples. Please call us for an estimate on you project.

Please Note: The following services are not included. They are offered at extra cost. Please click on each item for samples and prices. If No Other Services Required is selected, your photos will be supplied to you in the format you chose, completely unedited.

Terms of Service

  1. BulletYou are under no obligation when you submit the “Photo Bid Request Form”. It is merely a request to submit your job at your own budget.

  2. BulletLikewise, CMG Studios (Danny Williams) is under no obligation to accept your proposal. CMG Studios will decide if your proposal is acceptable, and then reply to your job submission.

  3. BulletIf I do not accept your offer, I will make a counter offer.

  4. BulletIf I accept your job and we agree to terms, then you must arrange for payment of the job. You may pay by credit card or PayPal through my website, or pay by check or other means at the studio or by mail. Please call me at (626) 294-0024 to discuss payment options.

  5. BulletBy hiring CMG Studios (Danny Williams) to photograph your product, you also agree that all photos I create for you are final. There will be no reshoots and no refunds made unless an error was made on my part. All services are final.

Contact Info

Phone (626) 294-0024


I really want to work with you, so I’ve created a place you can submit your job and budget and I’ll try to do my best to accommodate you. But there are a few things you should keep in mind. You are submitting your job to an experienced, professional photographer with 32 years of experience in commercial work. While I’m truly eager to work with you, you should be realistic in your budget. Know that your project will be treated like all the previous thousands of jobs I’ve done before, so please submit your job and your budget accordingly.

About Your Job

Product Photography includes most manufactured items. Household, automotive, electronic and many other items are included in this group. Most products are photographed on a white background for use on the internet or offset printing. The photographers at Name Your Price Photo have been shooting products for more than thirty years. With this kind of experience, you can rest assured that your products will look great.

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