Retouching Explained

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  1. BulletRetouching: Changing specific items in the photo with your direction. For example, changing the color of one product into various other colors so the product only has to be photographed one time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to have the photos retouched by you?

A. No.

Product Photography includes most manufactured items. Household, automotive, electronic and many other items are included in this group. Most products are photographed on a white background for use on the internet or offset printing. The photographers at Name Your Price Photo have been shooting products for more than thirty years. With this kind of experience, you can rest assured that your products will look great.

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You’ll notice that all the dresses are exactly the same shot. The only difference is the color. There’s no need to shoot the same item multiple times. I can change the color for you without the expense of photographing each different color.

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