Digital Processing Explained

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  1. BulletDigital Processing: The conversion of the RAW digital data into your choice of RGB or CMYK. The photo must be processed before it can be used for printing purposes (magazine ads, catalogs, etc.). You can do this yourself or have me make the conversion. The $15 per photo fee also includes dust removal and minor retouching.

Please Note: Digital Processing is not included in your submission. It is offered at $15 per photo. If you want your photos without processing, select No Other Services Required and your photos will be supplied to you in the format you chose, completely unedited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to have the photos processed by you?

A. No.

Q. Do the photos really have to be converted to CMYK before they can be printed in a catalog or magazine ad?

A. Yes.

Q. Why do you charge $15 per photo? That seems expensive.

A. Our Photoshop artists are experts. While the conversion from RAW to other formats sounds easy, it is actually a difficult task to get them just right. Picking the wrong ICC profile, over or under sharpening, and overlooking dust spots are just a few of the difficulties when you try to make the conversion yourself. Years of experience have enabled us to offer you this service at a price that is fair.

Product Photography includes most manufactured items. Household, automotive, electronic and many other items are included in this group. Most products are photographed on a white background for use on the internet or offset printing. The photographers at Name Your Price Photo have been shooting products for more than thirty years. With this kind of experience, you can rest assured that your products will look great.

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This is sample of a RAW file without digital processing.

This is the same photo after it has been processed. Notice the difference in color and sharpness.



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